Meet the team

Noah - Training and Development Manager

Noah is an actor, writer, director and film producer. Known for his work in "The Crumbs" and the television hit series, "Very Important Person". His most recent work playing Mr. Van Dann in the stage play, The Diary of Anne Frank, directed by the legendary Stan Zimmerman, generated national attention due to it being predominantly Latino Cast. Originally from Arizona, Noah has developed an unprecedented visual style and uniqueness that has transcended any project he's worked on. Garnering numerous nominations for the best actor and best film, in multiple projects.

Marteverick Shears - Lead Videographer and Editor

Marteverick Shears is a Memphis-born filmmaker and Navy veteran, stands at the intersection of storytelling and artivism. A summa cum laude graduate in Film Production and Cinematography from The Los Angeles Film School, Marteverick brings a unique perspective to the world as visual narratives.

Tyler Stevenson - Program and Events Coordinator and Assistant Videographer/ Photographer

Tyler "Ty" Stevenson, videographer/photographer and editor planning making big changes for our world and communities around the world. Art has been my passion since I was 5 and to see where I am in life, continuing to grow mindfully and spiritually. 

Afua Asewa - Administrative Coordinator

I am new to the social justice community but in the core of my bring being a fervent passion for collective healing and social justice ignites my purpose.Inspired by my brothers work and witnessing the inequalities ingrained in our world, I am called to be the change I wish to see. From disparities based on race to the insidious grip of systemic biases, my journey is unwavering commitment to dismantle these barriers. Rooted in love, empathy, and a belief in the worth of every individual, my passion propels me to advocate where justice is a lived reality.

Trezere Johnson - Digital Media Associate

Trezere "Zeus" Johnson, a Bronx native, found his purpose in LA, emerging from homelessness to champion social justice. As a devoted Artist United member, I inspire through music and fashion, igniting change and standing as a big brother to many. Proudly devoted to his siblings, Zeus exemplifies the heart of our movement.

Harmoon, the human - Community Liason and Outreach Specialist

As an artivist, cultural diplomat,sound alchemist, visionary, and community builder, His work will revolve around uniting and aligning forces wuthin the Artivist United community through the intersection of art and activism. By gathering experience in grassroots organizing and community work in LA. Harmoon hopes to take those lessons and achieve tremendous scales of community development in his mother land of Iran, where he was born and raised, and then respectively the "non-western world.

Black man with black t-shirt with raised fist on it and he is also wearing a red headband.

John Broadway - Founder

Hello there, my name is John Kwesi Broadway. I am a Black-American with ancestral roots tracing back to Cameroon, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, and other West African nations. I'm originally from Los Angeles (San Pedro), but I spent most of my childhood and teenage years in Tulare, California. I then spent seven years in Long Beach, attending college at Long Beach City and graduating from CSU-Long Beach. After decided to pursue my childhood dreams of filmmkaking, I moved to South Central LA in 2019, where I currently reside.

I've always know my purpose on Earth is to affect positive change and inspire others. In college, this purpose influenced me to become a servant leader. I founded and served as president of the CSULB - National Association of Black Journalists, I served as Vice-President, New Member Educator, and President of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. I was founding member of Greek Intervarsity. I was a tour guide for youth with the Long Beach Leaders. I was a mentor with the Power 4 Youth program. And lastly, I served as a official representative of CSULB president Jane Conoley, as a member of the President's Ambassadors. My list of collegiate accolades include: multiple scholarships, dean's list, Mentor of the Year, winner of the 2016 MLK Day essay contest, Outstanding Contribution to CSULB's Department of Journalism, and various other recognitions of my service. After graduating, my service continued as I raised thousands of dollars for Amnesty International and the Humane Society. I've volunteered and worked for too many nonprofits to list. I've served two years and over 3,400 combined hours of service as a member of the social justice leadership program, Public Allies.

In 2021 I founded Artivists United in order to merge my filmmaking and activist aspirations, while cultivating, inspiring and empowering a community of artivists and community members. As Artivists United grows in success and impact, there are a few things I never want forgotten. Before I was an accomplished leader, I served time in jail, was homeless multiple times, fired from jobs, flunked classes, suspended from my high school, failed as a first-time entreprenuer and I come from a family background steeped in trauma. I never hide these lived experiences because they've strengthen my perserverance, patience, empathy, understanding, and leadership. Furthermore, I hope my story can serve as inspiration for others with similar experiences.